About Us

Athena Technologies Limited, incorporated on May 1st, 2018 seeks to provide a solution to the problems parents face when entering a new school term.
The Company develops applications for the Web, iOS and Android platforms that are designed to make the lives of parents less hectic and more convenient to their lifestyle without much disruption.

Our project; Athena, was developed for the Web, on an e-commerce framework. Athena allows parents to search for their child/children’s required books and stationery by school and class year. Parents can select and add the results, to what is called a “collection” then add the collection to their virtual cart. In their cart they would have the option to have their books covered in brown paper and labelled with their child’s/children’s name, and class. Once ordered, the books are packaged and delivered to their shipping address (work or home) all with just a few clicks of a button.

Athena Technologies is the future! Providing a scalable and sustainable solution to the frustration and hassle many parents face each year their child is promoted to a new class. This application can assist in reducing traffic on the country’s roadways, aid in the decrease of petty crime, as there are less bodies on the streets during this hectic time of year. Most importantly parents can reclaim their time to spend doing what they love with their children.